Getting your pet a microchip is a gift of love!


Microchipping is Permanent Pet Identification

The HomeAgain® Microchip Identification system is a safe, simple and permanent form of pet identification designed to quickly identify lost pets and reunite them with their owners. Over 10 million pets become lost each year.* 1 out of every 3 pets is lost during its lifetime, and only 1 in 10 lost pets is found. ** The HomeAgain® Microchip Identification System is a proven way to successfully recover your pet if it should become lost.


Microchipping is Safe, Simple, and Effective Technology

No bigger than a grain of rice, the HomeAgain microchip is a small, sterile transponder that contains a unique ID code capable of being read by a compatible scanner. The microchip’s biocompatible material is extremely safe for the animal. The HomeAgain microchip is a passive device. It requires no battery and remains inactive until it is scanned.


Pet owners agree, the major benefit of HomeAgain is Peace of Mind.

Anesthesia is not necessary for implantation. Consider having your pet microchipped during a scheduled procedure or check up. Microchipping your pet with HomeAgain takes just seconds, is relatively painless and is recommended for dogs and cats of all breeds and ages. It is safe for puppies and kittens, as well as older pets who may wander away from home.


24/7 Database Access

When you enroll your microchipped pet in the AKC Companion Animal Recovery’s nationwide recovery database, your contact information is safely stored until it is needed to reunite you with your pet. A professional recovery team maintains the database 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and notifies you as soon as your pet’s ID number is called into the 24-hour recovery hotline. Animal clinics and shelters scan lost animals and call the AKC companion Animal Recovery unit to report a found pet. Currently, with the HomeAgain Microchip Identification System, a successful recovery occurs approximately every 15 minutes.


Free Online Benefits

HomeAgain uses the Internet to provide you with unique opportunities. Once your pet has been microchipped with HomeAgain and enrolled with the AKC Companion Animal Recovery unit, you are eligible for free membership on the website. Registered users receive pet related news and feature articles, a monthly newsletter, and an online database for storing your pets health information. Look for more important services like these in the future.

*The National Humane Society
** The National Council of Pet Population Study and Policy



With microchip identification, a pet that is lost can be shown the way home. The case for having your pet implanted with a microchip is a strong one, as the statistics show that microchipping is the best, most reliable method of permanently identifying your pet.

More than 5,877,300 people have discovered just how true this is, as their pets were returned to them thanks to microchip identification; don't let your pet become just another statistic.

The Case

Having a microchip ID tag installed is one of the simplest forms of permanent identification. The benefits of a microchip ID far outweigh the costs - a few dollars hurts far less than the pain of losing a beloved friend.

The case for having your pet microchipped is a strong one, as the facts do not lie:

  • 30-60% of lost pets in shelters are euthanized because they cannot be properly identified and returned to their owner.
  • Only about 14% of dogs and 4% of cats who end up in shelters are returned to their rightful owners.
  • Less than 25% of all animals that enter shelters are adopted by new owners.
  • About 2 million pets that are reported missing each year may be victims of theft.
  • Collar tags are a great way to identify lost pets and reunite them with their owners, but they can easily come off or be removed.
  • Tattoos are difficult to remove from an animal, but they are still not 100% reliable. Tattoos can be altered, fade, or blur, and are not always easy to read.
  • Reading a microchip is far easier than trying to read the tattoo of a frightened stray animal.
  • Microchipping is permanent, completely unalterable, and does not change or harm the appearance of the animal in any way.
  • There are about 20,000 microchip scanners currently in use by shelters, veterinarians, and municipal organizations around the country.
  • The procedure is safe, inexpensive, fast and virtually painless for the animal.

Microchip: Statistics

Microchipping has proven in a very short time to be the most effective means of providing your pet with permanent identification. The numbers don't lie.

  • Approximate number of dogs in the US: 60,000,000
  • Approximate number of cats in the US: 65,000,000
  • Number of pets entering animal shelters each year: 8-10 million
  • Number of pets that are euthanized each year: 4-5 million
  • Percentage of pets in animal shelters that are either returned to their owners or adopted out to new families: less than 25%
  • Number of pets that have HomeAgain microchip identification: 2,765,526
  • Approximate number of microchip scanners currently in use by shelters and veterinarians: 20,000
  • Number of pets recovered thanks to their microchip ID's: 258,03

American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA) 2001-2002 National Pet Owners Survey.




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