Veterinarian in Kingston, WA

Veterinary Services in Kingston, WA 98346:

Vet services for dogs, cats and other pets in Kingston, WA 98346. We're a full service mobile veterinary clinic!

The focus of our house call practice is to provide your pets with the same high quality, complete healthcare they receive from a standing veterinary clinic. The difference is that we come to you! Our brand new, 26í custom-designed mobile clinic is equipped with all the tools, supplies and equipment we need to perform any outpatient service for your dogs, cats and other small house pets in Kingston, WA (98346).

We provide physical exams, vaccinations, dental care and flea/parasite control to maintain your petís good health. We also offer diagnostic procedures, including x-ray, blood, urine and fecal testing. The mobile clinic contains a complete surgical suite with the most up-to-date anesthesia equipment and monitoring systems. Help with behavior, nutrition and end-of-life issues is also available. All of these services and more can be done at your home in our state-of-the-art clinic.

  • Physical Exams for dogs and cats in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Vaccinations for you dog or cat in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Acupuncture for dogs and cats in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Flea/parasite management in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Microchips for your pet in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Spay/Neutering service in Kingston, WA 98346

  • General Surgery for your pet in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Dental care for your cat or dog in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Radiology services for you pet in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Nutrition consultation for your pet in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Behavior consultation for cats and dogs in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Pain management services for your pet in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Geriatric pet care in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Euthanasia services for your pet in Kingston, WA 98346

  • Animal hospital house calls for your pet in Kingston, WA 98346





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